How to Enjoy an Onsen (Japanese Hot Spring)

The onsen is a part of traditional Japanese culture. Everyone bathes in order to wash themselves, but in Japan people enter onsen in order to relax or rest as well. Oita Prefecture has the highest yield of onsen water and the highest number of onsen sources, so please enjoy the onsen of Oita Prefecture to your heart's content.

Please remove all of your clothing, including underwear, when entering an onsen.

*You can wear a swimsuit
 in some onsen.

Please clean yourself thoroughly before submerging yourself into the bathtub.

Adjust to the temperature of the hot water by performing "kake-yu."

What is
"Kake-yu" means splashing hot water onto your body before entering the bathtub in order to get used to the temperature of the hot water. Please apply the hot water starting from the extremities of your body,such as hands and feet.

Enter the bathtub

Please enjoy the view from the onsen
and the harmonious atmosphere.

Enjoy the color,
fragrance, and touch of the hot water.

Dry yourself off well before enteringthe dressing room.

Drink plenty of water after taking a bath.

Onsen Etiquette
  • You cannot wear swimsuit.
  • Do not swim inside the bathtub.
  • Avoid taking a bath right before/after a mealor drinking.
  • Do not wash your dirty clothes inside the onsen.
  • Do not place your towel inside the bathtub.
  • Eating and drinking are not allowed in the onsen.
  • Do not wash your body inside the bathtub.
  • Do not put water in the onsen even if it's hot.